Introduction: How to Make: EASY POMPOMS WITH a DINNER FORK

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This is a little thing I learned from my nanny and I thing it's really cute,plus heaps fun.

You'll need

One short string
A small ball of wool
And of corse the dinner fork

Step 1: 1

First thread the short string threw the slot between the middle two fork prongs

Step 2: 2

Then hold the end of the wool from the ball and wrap the other round the fork until it's in a very plump clump then move to the next step

Step 3: 3

When desired thickness and plumpness of pompom to be is reached take the front end of the short string and pull it over to the back of the fork thru the middle prong on the other side of the "pompom"to tie a tight half reef knot ( make sure you only tie a half knot though )

Step 4: 4

Pull the tied up wool of the fork and tighten the half knot, once tight complete the reef knot and cut of the untied ends of the short tying string

Step 5: 5

Cut the the loops of wool so the POMPOMS looks fuzzy and roll it in your hands to spread it out. ( assuming it doesn't fall apart because you didn't tie your knot tight enough) you should now have a square-ish POMPOM

Step 6: 6

Trim the POMPOM into a circle and


You have a POMPOM

Step 7: Use It

Use em

Stitch em to pillows corners or the edges of throw rugs or use them as buttons their is no end to the infinite possibility s for the almightely fluffy POMPOM