Introduction: How to Make EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apps for the I-Phone and I-Pad

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Apple Mac (Intel Based)

$100 for apple developer program

IOS SDK 5.0 (included in the program above)

Optional - Knowledge of coding (  c  /  obj. c  /  or c++  )

A teacher of a tech class could use this lesson!!!!!

I teach 8th grade technology my kids loved it!!!!!!!

There are many after school and in school courses on technology, so... a middle school teacher could make his or her example or make min. Then he'll show his or her class. Technology is all about new advancements. This would make it a fun easy way for kids to pay attention. They Could even have a contest school wide. A teacher could incorporate this as a "privilege" when your done with all work then you go to h "APP" Station.

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