How to Make Fake Snowballs

Introduction: How to Make Fake Snowballs

A little tutorial on how to make fake snowballs.
I needed to make fake snowballs for my Jack Frost costume that I will need later on during my Senior Week at school as well as cosplaying.

Enjoy the tutorial! Any questions feel free to comment!

Step 1: What You'll Need

• Epsom salt
• Styrofoam Balls
• Plates
• White Glitter
• Glue
• Skewers
• Paintbrush

Step 2: Getting Started

First start off with putting the skewer into your styrofoam ball. Just to the point were it won't fall and it's steady.

Step 3: Get Your Glue On!

Pour your glue on a plate. I used Elmer's Glue-All but any white multi purpose glue will help.

Step 4: Putting Your Glue

Make an even layer of glue on your styrofoam ball. I tried spreading it with a brush but ended up using my finger to get the layer even. I also found it easier to pour the glue on and letting the excess drip off or picking the glue and spreading it with my finger.

Step 5: A Salty Situation

Put your Epsom salt in a different plate. Then, just roll your gluey ball around. You can also sprinkle the salt onto the ball but it turns out messy. I learned that the hard way.

Step 6: Sprinkle It!

Lastly, sprinkle your white glitter while it's still fresh to give it a shiny effect. It looks a lot nicer than with just the salt.

Step 7: Done!

Just place your styrofoam balls with their skewers in a cup and let them dry over night! Also place something underneath because IT WILL DRIP WATER. But other than that congratulations! You finished this tutorial!

If you have any way for the salt to stick please leave it in the comments.

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    8 years ago

    What a great idea. you could use the hole to glue in ribbon to hang from a Christmas tree. Or make the ribbons different lengths different lengths and hang with garland on the fireplace mantel or staircase etc. did you ever think to spray with a clearcoat? I don't know how well that would work to keep everything in place but you could try it. You could try a glitter glue instead of plain white glue. Anyway it's a great idea just as is and I am gonna make some for Christmas. Good job!

    These totally look like balls of fluffy, sparkly snow! Nice job! I hope you post more parts of this costume as you make it!