Introduction: How to Make French Toast

The materials and ingredients needed in making french toast include:
-Stove or electric pan
-plastic container or bowl
-non stick spray

Step 1:

First turn your stove or electric heater on to medium high. Add non stick spray or butter to the pan to keep the bread from sticking to it.

Step 2: Eggs, Milk, and Cinnamon

The next step would be to crack open how ever many eggs you need into a plastic container or bowl (1 egg per 2 pieces of bread). Pour milk into the container or bowl ( 2 tablespoons per egg) and add cinnamon. After that stir the ingredients with a spoon, fork or whisk until most of the egg yoke has broken down.

Step 3: Soaking Bread

Get out the bread you are going to use and soak them one by one in the plastic container or bowl with the ingredients in them. Keep flipping the bread until it is fully soaked on both sides.

Step 4: Cooking Ingredients

Place the soaked bread onto the pan or electric heater at medium high.  Wait about 40 second then flip the bread to the other side or just cook until both sides are golden. when the toast is fully cooked slide it onto a plate.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finally you can add the finishing touches to your french toast like hot apple sauce, powdered sugar, extra cinnamon, syrup or anything else you may prefer.  Congratulation you have created your very own French Toast and you are now ready to eat!.