How to Make Glitter Star

Introduction: How to Make Glitter Star

Do u want shiny lips and soft lips well this DIY is just for YOU!

Step 1: Materials

•Chapstick any kind works I am using a Chapstick that I have never used
• half of a Dixie cup of water
• liquid makeup sent
•makeup glitter or sparkles

Step 2: Smooth

Cut off the Chapstick of the amount of product u want

Then mix

Step 3: Add That Aquaphor

Then u can add a little bit of Aquaphor
Then mix
This will help ur lips become les chapped and as smooth as a babies bum!l

Step 4: Make It Smell Awesome

Add ur choice of Liquid sents

Step 5: Make It Shiny

Add ur makeup glitter then mix

Step 6: Done

These work good for gifts too ;-) :-)

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    6 years ago

    No prob and thx I love ur instuctables they are super descriptive