How to Make Gods Eyes for Day of the Dead (Dia De La Muertos)

Introduction: How to Make Gods Eyes for Day of the Dead (Dia De La Muertos)

This is the instructions to make your very own gods eye. Gods eyes are fun decorations for day of the dead and easy to make. You can hang them anywhere too!

Step 1: Materials

Pencils or Popsicle sticks

Any color(s) of yarn you desire


Step 2: Starting the Gods Eye

Cross the pencils and cut a long strip of yarn. Then tie a knot on the pencils and wrap the yarn like and X in the middle of the pencil cross to keep then together.

Step 3: Making It

Wrap the yarn once around the Popsicle stick on the back of your gods eye. You wrap once, with the yarn on the bottom of the Popsicle stick and then you start again, occasionally adding another color by tying two prices of yarn together and then just keep on going.

Step 4: Finishing It

With the end of the string tie a knot on one of the strings on the outside of the gods eye.

Step 5: Yay! All Done!

Wear it, hang it, and decorate it! Happy day of the dead!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    When I was little I would do this with straws so when I was done it would bend in the form of a pyramid and instant fairy house ;D