Introduction: How to Make Hard-Hitting Blowgun Darts!

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So, I got a Cold Steel Big Bore blowgun a while back, and can't shoot it hard, because the darts are too loose in the barrel. Well, I've come up with an easy solution, make my own darts. After looking on instructables for a while, I realized that all of the paper coned darts suffered the same problem unless you made them exactly perfect (if I missed something, let me know). This motivated me to make my own darts, and think of a way to make them fit snugly, while being able to tolerate being too big., thus enabling me to fire them much stronger.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything you do with this information, or with anything you make using this information. For educational purposes only.

Step 1: Materials

-Nails, preferably smooth ones
-Masking tape (Or any tape)
-Paper (I used used printer paper)

-Your Hands

Step 2: Making the Cone, the Cone I Say!

Okay, so, take your piece of paper, and fold it like shown in the picture, start from the corner, and twist, make it as long as possible while having the little hole in front just smaller than the nail. Then, tape the cone shut.

Step 3: Trimming the Cone

Once you've made your cone, start cutting a small slot into the cone and shorten it from there. Fit it into the blowgun and if it doesn't fit keep trimming. Then stop! The cone has to be like a little too big for the hole. This is because we will modify it to fit perfectly while it is too big. Proceed to next step.

Step 4: Fletching the Cone

So now you have to make the fletching for it to fit in the blowgun. Start by cutting little slits all around the cone on the edge. Now.. you're done. Try fitting it in the blowgun and...IT WORKS! Hopefully.

Step 5: Inserting the Point

Ok great, you've got a cone that fits in the blowgun... Boring. You need a point, preferably a heavy sharp one. *Hey look a nail! Perfect! 
 So take your nail, and just sliide it through the hole in your come, pointy side out. Next, tape it in place, tightly!

Step 6: Next Step

Actually, there is no next step, you're done! Actually you have to shoot it. But thats after you have fifty of them, with touch explosives glued on, but we'll cover that later. Bye!