Introduction: How to Make Milotic Out of Polymer Clay

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Hello everyone! For this instructable I'm going to show you how to make Milotic out of polymer clay :D

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you will need the following materials:
-Polymer clay(I recommend super sculpey)
-Wire(thick enough to use as the armature)
-Tin foil
-Acrylic paint
-A Blade
-Sandpaper(the finer the better)

Step 2: The Armature

First, we begin by making the armature. You can give your Milotic any pose you want so be creative and have fun with this step. When you're done, cover the armature from top to bottom with tin foil, apply generously especially in the tummy area.

Step 3: The Body

Apply your polymer clay on to the armature.

Step 4: The Head

To make the head, roll up a ball and pinch the top to make the spike on the top of the head. After that, pinch the bottom a bit to make the tip of the mouth. Next we go to the antennas. Get a thin wire, I used the wire from some safety pins. Curved them a bit from the top almost like a candy cane. Apply the clay on to the wire, stick it into the head, and blend it in. once that is done, attach the head to the neck and blend it in.

Step 5: The Fins

To make the fins, make four flat ovals and one by one, attach them to the tail then blend them in.

Step 6: The Eyebrow Fins

To make these, roll up a strip of clay and flatten it with one end being pointed and the other flat. Using a blade, cut the three points at the end. After you're done, you can attach them to the head. Also, Milotic has three black dots on each side of its neck, simply press in the end of a paint brush into the neck to make these.

Step 7: Baking, Sanding, and Painting

After you bake your Milotic, you should sand it down to smoothen any bumps or dents that you find. When you're done sanding, you can begin painting!

Step 8: The Base

If you want, you can attach your Milotic to a wooden base. What I did was hammer in a molding&trim nail to a base and drilled a hole the same width as the nail into the bottom of my Milotic so that half of the nail is in the base and half in the Milotic. To make sure everything stayed put , I made sure to put super glue in the holes and the nails. Anyways I guess that's it, good luck!