Introduction: How to Make Mini Bongo Drums!

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These little drums are really cool and very easy!

Step 1: U Need,

pill bottles of different sizes
latex glove or balloon
rubber bands.

Step 2: Making It #1

take your knife and cut out the bottom of the bottle. be careful, if it cracks it fine but try not to.

Step 3: Making It #2

cut out a piece of latex gloves and stretch over the hole and put a rubber band around it to keep it in place.

Step 4: Done!

yeah, thats right. 2 steps. Just do the same to the other ones and put them together with hot glue or a rubber bands.

Step 5: Hitting It.

it works best if you hit it on the edge. different tensions on the latex gloves will produce different sounds. i even taught myself to play super mario bros!

Step 6: Finished Product.

Have fun!