Introduction: How to Make Napkin Rings From Silverware (Square or Round)

As an unemployed high school student, I don't have a lot of cash to spend on Christmas gifts, so I try to make them as well as purchasing them. Homemade gifts are always thoughtful, so I try to make things people in my family need. My Aunt has been wanting some new napkin rings for a while, so I decided to give making some a shot. I still had a lot of silverware left over from this instructable, so that seemed like a logical thing to use.

*Steps 1 through 4 give instructions on how to make square rings; Step 5 gives instructions on how to make round ones.

Step 1: What You Need:

- Coping saw

- Silverware; the thinner the handle the better

- Files

- Square tubing with 1" sides or a pipe with a 1" inside diameter (for bigger napkin rings, use bigger tubing/pipes)

- A vise with soft jaws

Step 2: Bends 1 and 2

- Clamp the bottom 2/3 of an inch or so of the handle of a piece of cutlery against the square tubing in the vise; I used a spoon because they usually have thinner, easy-to-bend handles. I suggest wrapping the handle in tape to protect it. Make sure the spoon is perpendicular to the tubing.

- Bend the handle around the square tubing to make a roughly 90 degree "L" shape in the end of the handle (see image 3).

- Now it's time to make the second bend. Clamp the spoon to the tube the way shown in image 4.

- Make another roughly 90 degree bend in the handle, forming a square "U".

Step 3: Bends 3 and 4

- Clamp the spoon against the tube again so that the unbent portion of the handle sticks out straight from the side of the vise.

- Make a third 90 degree bend. The handle should look like image 3.

- For the fourth and final bend, position the spoon as shown in image 4 and clamp it tight. Bend the remainder of the spoon around the tube until it meets the end of the handle. The handle should form a square with one overlapping side.

Step 4: Cutting and Filing

- Slide the spoon back on the square tube and clamp it in the vise. Use the coping saw to cut the "bowl" end off where it meets the bottom of the handle. The end where you made the cut will be raised, leaving the square open.

- Clamp the cut end in the vise to close the square.

- Remove all the tape and file the cut end down until it is smooth; you don't want the napkin ring catching on the napkin.

- Make some more! Each spoon or fork you use is different, so each napkin ring will be unique.

Step 5: Making a Round Ring

- This is easier than making a square one, but I personally prefer the square ones. For this, you need the round pipe.

- Start by clamping the end of the handle against the pipe. Make sure it is perpendicular to the pipe.

- Start bending the fork (or spoon) around the pipe, rotating it as needed.

- When the fork meets the end of the handle again, stop. Use the coping saw to cut the remainder of the fork off at the meeting point.

- File the cut end smooth.

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