Introduction: How to Make Origami Lucky Stars

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This is a remix of this awesome instructable by Vignesh_Rao, Go check it out.

PS: and follow him. :D

Lucky Stars are cool little origami stars that can hold a message inside them, kind of like a fortune cookie.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:

  1. Lucky Star Paper Strips.

or if you don't have access to Lucky Star Paper Strips you'll need.

  1. A4 Paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Pencil or Pen.
  4. Ruler(optional, if using A4 paper).

That's really all there is to it.

Step 2: Cutting Strips(skip If You Have Ready Made Lucky Star Paper Strips​)

First you need to cut your paper. The strips are about 1cm wide and A4 length(18.5cm) long.

Step 3: Making the Core

After you have your strips cut it's time to make the core. To make the core just take one strip and tie a knot, then flatten the know. It should look like a pentagon now, next fold the tiny remaining strip in the "pocket". After you are done with that you can write a message, riddle, secret, etc.

Step 4: Making the Star

Now just wrap that strip tightly around your core, Make sure that the message is facing inside or else they will be able to read it with out opening the lucky star. Then when the strip ends cut of any extra paper and tuck the rest of the strip in the pocket.

Step 5: Pop It Up

Then squish the sides of your star and it should pop up!

Step 6: Done!

Now you have Lucky Stars!