Introduction: How to Make Paper Circuits

Materials needed:

- Scissors

- Print out of a paper circuit template

- Copper tape.

- 1 LED light

- 2 Batteries

Step 1: Find the Perfect Size for Your Copper Tape to Fit the Template.

Before cutting the copper tape, lay your tape on the paper circuit template to find the perfect size. You want to cut the copper tape has little has possible in order to make a smooth current so try folding the copper tape over at the corners to change its direction instead of cutting multiple pieces.

Step 2: Cut the Copper Tape.

When you have found the perfect size for your first piece of copper tape you can now cut it.

Step 3: Place the Copper Tape on the Paper Circuit Template.

After you have cut out your first piece of copper tape pull the cardboard off the back revealing the sticky part of the tape and place it on the template. Make sure to place the copper tape on the outline of the paper circuit as exact as you can get it. Smooth the copper tape down on the paper and make sure it is flat where the copper tape was folded over to change direction.

Step 4: Continue the Last Process Until You Have Filled in All the Spots for Copper Tape on Your Template.

Do not forget to put the copper tape on the small box in the bottom left side corner of the template to make your "switch".

Step 5: Bend the Legs of the LED Light.

Bend the legs of your LED light outwards. Do not forget which leg of the LED is the longest. The long one is the "positive" side and the shortest is the "negative" side.

Step 6: Place LED Light in the Marked Spot on Your Circuit Template.

Fold up the copper tape and place your LED light on the marked spot located on your paper circuit. When placing the copper tape back over the legs of your LED light be sure to push the tape all of the way down on the paper. Also, make sure that you have the positive and negative legs of the LED light on the right end.

Step 7: Place One Battery on the Space for the Positive Battery on Your Template.

Make sure the positive face of the battery is facing down on this point and is inside the circle outlined for it.

Step 8: Place a Battery on the Spot for the Negative Side on Your Template.

Make sure this battery has its negative side facing down and is inside the circle outlined for it.

Step 9: Fold Paper Over So Both Batteries Are Touching.

Take one corner of your paper by the positive battery and fold it over so both batteries are touching. This may be difficult to keep the batteries in place and may require adjusting of the batteries to assure they are directly on top of each other.

Step 10: Fold the Switch Over to Complete the Circuit.

Take the bottom corner of the paper where you placed the extra piece of copper tape for the "switch" and fold it over to fill in where there is an empty space in the circuit. Make sure that the ends of the copper tape switch are in line with your copper tape circuit filling in the gap.

Step 11: Finally With Your Circuit Complete Your LED Light Should Glow.

With your circuit completed you should easily be able to fold over your batteries and your switch which will power your circuit and force your LED light to glow.