How to Make Paper Football

Introduction: How to Make Paper Football

I hope I please you with this instruct able!

Step 1: You Need


Step 2: For Triangular Players, Best As Strikers,

Fold your paper in half top to bottom.
Fold it the same way again.
Fold it in half from side to side
Fold the sides Into the middle like triangles
Fold it in half so that rectangles stick out.
Fold and tuck it into the triangle.
Name it.

Step 3: Rectangular Always Come in Handy for Defence.

You need two rectangular papers of the same size.
Fold the papers in the same size. Interlock them until there is a little a tuck left. Tuck it in and you are done.
You can name it.

Step 4: The Post

What will I be doing if I don't show you followers how to make a post?
Well, let's get started.
Fold your paper hot dog style
Now, where there is a. . . Oh what the heck! Look at the pics until pic seven.
Fold the two edges in until the canoe-shape forms a post.

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    7 years ago

    this is super easy and cool and addictive,mso good if I could follow a hundred times I could do it. you could play if your a fan of football and its raining just when you want to play.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Goooooooooal! Wait, wrong football...but I suppose you can still yell this when you score with one of these :)