Introduction: How to Make Paracord Stitched Solomon Bar With Buckles

Step 1: You Will Need About Ten Feet of Cord

Burn two ends of paracord together what ever colors you would like

Step 2: Adding Buckles

Take one end of the paracord and put it up through the buckle then take the end and pull it down into a loop and pull the two strands through the loop and pull it tight

Step 3: The Weave

So for this weave I'm using a paracord jig but u don't need it to make this weave. So start with the right side go over and under leave a hole, then u take the left side go over the tag in and under the core and up through the hole and pull tight. Then u take the left side (same color or cord that u started the weave with). Over under then take the right side over the tag in under the core and through the hole. Now repeat those steps

Step 4: The End of the Weave

Then at the end u weave a cobra weave and if u don't know how to do that u take one end and place it over the core then take the other end go over the other end then under the core up through the hole and pull it tight

Step 5: Burning

Cut the ends of the paracord and burn them

Step 6: The End

If u think u did a good job send me a pic thank u for watching

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