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Introduction: How to Make Pine Needle Tea

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This delightful tea is great to drink because of its vitamin C (which is about 400 mg or more) and vitamin A ( which helps vision, skin and hair regeneration, and cell reproduction). Some of its creat uses help with you with cancer, a cold, scurvy, sclerosis, the flu, a digestive aid, an alternate for caffeine, weight loss, aging, urinary infections, kidney stone, and so much more (for more info see ).

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

You will need:
A pot

Tuffs of WHITE PINE NEEDLES or other non lethal pine needles. (The white pine needles usually comes in tuff of 5, see picture)


A cutting board and a knife (optional)

And some thing to remove the needles from the tea

Step 2: Time to Make

Boil the water. While the water is boiling, separate the pine needles from the twigs cut off brown buds and chop into about 1/4" pieces. Once the water is at full boil remove from heat the put the pine needle pieces in the water and stir and let sit for five-ten minutes

Step 3: Serve

Use your strainer to remove any pine needles (if theres any left over use a spoon to get it out). If you want you can ad sugar. Serve and enjoy!

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    It doesn't matter how much. I use a good handful of needles cut up without the little brown burrs which connect it to the tree. I chop them and use as much water as I want for tea or to make ahead of time. I add bits of dried orange. I boil it in the microwave and strain it. Using RAW honey to sweeten it turns it into a medicine which tastes like a very pleasant regular tea. My son had the flu last week, drank this every day for four or five days and felt great in no time. Raw honey has anti-biotic properties and the pine needles have more vitamin C than orange juice.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The microwave will destroy the nutrients. You're not supposed to use boiling water... just below boiling, otherwise the heat will destroy the nutrients.


    Reply 5 years ago

    boiling point of Vitamin C is 553 °C, much higher than the boiling
    point of water, which is 100°C. This makes sense that Vitamin C is not
    boiled off into the air when it is being cooked at the relatively low
    100°C, the temperature of boiling water. Instead, the Vitamin C is
    dissolved into the cooking water. If you drink the cooking water,
    you’re probably getting most of the Vitamin C. This is great news for
    boiling pine needles!


    5 years ago

    You said white pine. I have yellow pine i was planing to do this with. I never heard of it being "lethal".


    8 years ago

    About 2 cups of water and i grabbed 10 tuffs but you can use more, thanks for reading!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hate to screw around and expermiment with something i probably might not like.
    Serving for two:
    how many cups of water?
    how many tufts of 5?