Introduction: How to Make Psychic Paper From Doctor Who

Here is how I made my psychic paper for my eleventh doctor cosplay. Make one for yourself and get in to anywhere!
*note: some pictures may look a bit off, because I altered the pattern as I made it to make it the best I could*

Step 1: You Will Need

White paper
Very stiff interfacing
Black pleather or leather
A ruler
A pen
Sewing needle (or machine)
Black thread

Step 2: Preparations

Mark and cut paper, interfacing and your fabric.
Paper: 4x3
Interfacing: 5x10
Fabric: 5x4

On the wrong side of the fabric: mark 1/2in seam and 3in marks inside of 1/2in marks

Optional: make lining fabric for pocket cut 5x6

Step 3: Sewing Part 1

Place and the interfacing inside if seam allowances and in 2 of the 3 sections.
Fold and hem bottom edge

Step 4: Sewing Part 2

Fold side gems and fold bottom flap on top
Sew the sides
*if adding in lining, sew it into the hems*

Step 5: Sewing Part 3

Cut corners as pictured
Glue white piece of paper onto interfacing
Fold twice and sew sides and top

Step 6: You're Done!

Get in anywhere you please with your new psychic paper! Enjoy!