How to Make Round Petal Fabric Kanzashi Flowers




Introduction: How to Make Round Petal Fabric Kanzashi Flowers

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This beautiful Kanzashi fabric flower can be attached to a barrette, a purse, a shirt...

Step 1: What We Need.

* 7pc fabric squares.

* Needle and thread

* Fabric covered button

* Alligator clips

* Fabric stiffener

See original post here: DIY Fabric Kanzashi Flowers

Step 2: Fabric Squares

We use 3.5" squares in this tutorial, you can use larger or smaller one to make different size flowers. The larger size is easier for the beginner. 1 petal each square. A flower can be 5, 6, 7 or 8 petals. So if you have 1 yard 44-45" fabric and cut to 3" squares, you can make 24 flowers.

Step 3: Fold the Square

in half diagonally - right side of the fabric out. Press the fold seam with finger or iron.

Step 4: Fold the Right Hand Corner

 up to meet the top corner. Press the fold with finger.

Step 5: Same

with the left hand corner. Press the fold with fingers.

Step 6: Now Fold the Left Corner

Now fold the left corner back to meet the center. Press the fold with fingures.

Step 7: Repeat

 with the right corner. Press the fold with fingers.

Step 8: Back View.

The two corners should meet the center but not overlap.

Step 9: From Position in Step 8

fold the whole piece in half, toward you, with 2 corners inside the fold. This is the back side of the petal.

Step 10: Flip the Petal Over

this is the front side looks like.

Step 11: Use an Alligator Clip

 to hold the petal in shape until ready to assemble.

Step 12: Repeat

step 2-10 to get all petals.

Step 13: Trim the Base

 (raw edges) as shown.

Step 14: Sew

Step 15: Dont' Pull Thread

tight yet. Arrange petals in circle.

Step 16: This Is the Back

side of the flower.

Step 17: Sew Petals Together

 as shown.

Step 18: Pull

thread tight.

Step 19: Flip Over.

 this is the front side.

Step 20: Close to Center

sew all petals.

Step 21: Open the Top of the Petal

 Spay with fabric stiffener if you like.

Step 22: Sew/Glue

 fabric covered button.

Step 23: Or Glue

a large rhinestone on top.

Step 24: 5 Petal

flowers. Same methods.

See original post here:

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    7 years ago

    Beautiful & have attempted to make but How do you stop the fabric from fraying, please?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is so pretty. I can imagine all types of fabrics and buttons to add. They will go onto my hats or shirts or both. I am going to give it a try. thank you.

    Edna Forbes.jpg

    11 years ago on Step 23

    Thanks so much for this step by step. I always have loved these flowers but, no idea how to make them! :D