Introduction: How to Make {Socket} Pegs for a Scooter

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Smith grinds are great on scooters. They're showy, easy to learn, and great for combos. One problem though, Smiths can be pretty dang scary! To combat this you can buy pegs from almost every major Freestyle Scooter company. But... they can be a little pricey.

There are many ways to build your own pegs. You can use old bearings, pipe spacers, really anything that is metal and round. I've build pegs using pipe spacers before and they weren't so good. They wore away quickly, and finding spacers that were large enough was a pain.

In that sense, socket pegs are really great. They hold up better then the pipe spacers, and are dirt cheap!. All you really need to do is find one that is wide enough to where you feel comfortable grinding.

Step 1: Gathering You Hardware and Tools


2 Allen Keys, same size as what came with your scooter


1 Socket, about 2" long and 1" in diameter

1 Back axle from a Razor Foldy Scooter, Or a bolt of same size. This would be a 5/16th hex or stranded bold about 4" long with appropriate nut

1 large 5/16th Washer (same diameter as the socket)

1-10 smaller 5/16th Washers (these are in case you have empty space in between your fork and the nut)

Step 2: Axle to Socket

First thing you got to do, slide the axle into the socket. You want to slide the axle into the "bolt holding" part of the socket (Look at the picture).

Step 3: First Washer

Next, slide the large washer onto the axle. Make sure it's flush with the socket.

Step 4: To the Fork!

Now slide the axle and peg into the fork like it were a normal axle. Make sure it is very tight! If not, the socket will slide with the coping and grind away your fork. The large washer should combat this a little, but it is still a possibility.

Step 5: The Finished Product

And there you have it, nothing to it at all! If the bolt is a little to long just add some washers inbetween the fork and socket. Now go out and land some Smiths! Watch the video for a example of a Smith and to see the pegs in action.