How to Make Taco Salad




Introduction: How to Make Taco Salad


1 Bag of Doritos                    1 Bag of Taco Seasoning 
1 Bag of Mexican Cheese  1 Bottle of Catalina Dressing 
1 Head of Lettuce                 1 lbs. of Hamburger 
3/4 Cup of Water

Step 1:


1. Put 1 lbs of hamburger in a pan, and cook it until it is brown. While cooking use a big spoon to break up the meat into small chunks.
2. When the burger is brown, make sure you drain out the greece into a paper cup.
3. Then add the taco seasoning to the browned burger and start to mix it, and after a couple of stirs add the 3/4 cup of water and mix it in all the way. 
4. Put the cooked and mixed hamburger into a bowl (don't forget to turn off the stove) so it can cool. If you mix all the ingredients with the warm meat the lettuce will get soggy. 

Step 2:


1. Cut a head of lettuce in half.
2. Cut out the hard part "core" out o  the bottom
3. Cut the half head of lettuce into small bite sized pieces 
4. Then add it to the bowl you will be serving dish in. (Not the same bowl that the burger is in) 
5. Add a full bag of Mexican cheese to the bowl of lettuce, and mix it together 

Step 3:

Doritos/Catalina Dressing:

1. Put a good amount of Doritos into a gallon zip lock bag, and crush them into small pieces
2. Then add the crushed Doritos into the bowl with the cheese and lettuce and mix it together 
3. Then when the meat has cooled you can add it to the serving bowl, and mix it together.
4.Then you add the Catalina Dressing, but it is very IMPORTANT to not put it in right away or else the lettuce will get soggy. Put the dressing in about 15-20 minutes before serving.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    except for the lettuce and small portion this looks a lot like mine,  the lettuce wilts no matter what you do and since like chili this is usually best a day or more old we leave it out. Over the years I've tried adding corn or beans and been told DON'T ! Although I personally like black beans in it. Thanks for sharing