How to Make the Bear Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the Bear Paper Airplane

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The Bear is an interesting paper airplane with a tri-tail configuration.

TAA USAF Designation: F84-1

Step 1: Materials

1 piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Begin Folding

Take your paper and fold it along its length. 

Step 3: Continue

Fold the corners into the center. Then pull the nose back and down.

Step 4: Security Fold

Fold the corners into the center, though not all the way. Repeat on the other side and then fold the small flap below them up over it.

Step 5: Fold the Wings

From their previous position fold the airplane in half. Then fold the wings approximately 3/4 in. up from the bottom. Repeat on the other side. 

Step 6: Cut the Vertical Stabilizers

Cut the 3 vertical stabilizers out of the wing and fuselage. Each should be 3/4 in. tall. Allign them pefectly with the back of the wing.

Step 7: Tape the Airplane

Tape the plane's front and back together in the cited places in the picture.

Step 8: Flight

The Bear is a slow dart and should be launched like a dart, pitched down.

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    10 years ago on Step 8

    mine flies like a dream,im gonna color it like navy grey or somthing


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 8

    I've never tried Navy colors myself, although I've previously tried Air Force desert camo.

    mine flies great! but is it really supposed to fly slow?! mine flies like a bullet!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The Bear's design enables flights at high speeds, as well as those at low speeds.