Introduction: How to Make the Eagle Paper Airplane

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An agile, fast, landing gear-equipped aircraft comparable to the Skyknight interceptor, the Eagle differs with its role of longer duration flights.

TAA USAF Designation: A53-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Width Folding

Fold your paper along its width. Once you've made the crease, fold the outer sides in to make fourths.

Step 3: Corner and Nose Folding

Fold the outer fourths inward. Then fold the corners into the center. After both are folded in, pull them down along their bottoms.

Step 4: Wing Extension Folding

Pull the corner folds up and clear of the cover folds. Pull the paper that is covering itself out so that it jetties out from the edge of the center paper. When you pull it out, the fold should run from the bottom of the corner fold to the fourth fold in the trailing edge of the wing. Do this on both sides.

Step 5: More Nose Folding

Fold the corner folds back down along the crease at their bottoms. Then pull the corner folds' point up to the front of the aircraft. After this, fold the paper in half along its center.

Step 6: Landing Gear Folding

From the square leading edge, fold the paper down to the nose fold as pictured. After you've folded these leading corners in, unfold them. Then pull the paper open and then fold the paper back into and over itself as shown.

Step 7: Fold the Wings and Winglets

From half an inch above the center of the paper, fold the wing down. Repeat on the other side. To make the winglets, you fold part of the wing extensions up.  When you fold them, their angle should be parallel to the fuselage.

Step 8: Tape Your Eagle

Tape your Eagle at its front, back, and wing extensions' leading edges. In the places cited in the pictures, apply a piece of tape. 

Step 9: Flight

To fly your Eagle, give it a nice simple toss. It may take a few tries to figure out your Eagle's best throw speed, but it is usually moderate.

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