Introduction: How to Make the Ghost From Pac-Man Out of Clay

1. This is my creation of the Ghost from Pac-Man

2. Materials: Red, Black, and White clay,
     and Clay Sculpting Tools

Step 1: Body of the Ghost

1. Using red clay, Roll it up to approximately 1.4 inches wide and,
and approximately 2.7 inches in length.

2. For the head make it more narrow and curvy/rouned

3. To make the bottoms of the ghost, using your thumb,
make pinch point between 6-8 of them, and make that approximately 0.5 inches long
(Image 2)

Step 2: Face of the Ghost

 1. With the white clay, cut out 2 nice Oval/Circles, approximately 0.4-0.5 inches for the eyes and place them
on the ghost (Image 1&2)

2. Now with the black clay, cut out an oval smaller than the white eyes you made
approximately 0.3 inches long

3. Now take the eye out of the black clay,
and using the Clay sculpting tool cut a little "v" slit on the left side of each eye

4. Put they eyes together and place them on the ghost

5. Grab a little red clay and make it the width of the eye,
make it into an eyebrow on place it over either eye for a more "mad" or "concentrated"

Step 3: Mouth of the Ghost

1. With the black clay, cut out and open smile(Image 1) and remove it from
the rest of the black clay

2. Now that you've got the mouth out, With the red clay,
try to make  nice tongue for the ghost (Image 2)

3. Look at image 3 for help

Step 4: Arms for the Ghost/Completion

1. With the red clay, roll arms to be approximately 1 to 1.2 inches in length
and 0.3 inches in width

2. Now with the white clay get a little ball of it (approx. 0.5 inches wide, and approx. 0.6 inches in length)

3. Now form it to man the palm of a hand, and make little fingers approximately 0.3 inches in length
and around 0.1 - 0.2 in width (Image 2&3) make 4 fingers for the ghost

4. Add the fingers to each hand , and put to little pieces of black clay on the top of the hand
for a glove look (Image 4&5)

5. With that done, add the hands to each arm (Image 6) use clay sculpting tools
to make it stay on better

6. All there is left to do is add the arms to the rest of the ghost and
there is your own Clay Pac-Man Ghost (Image 7)

Step 5: Ghost/Pac-Man Animation

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