Introduction: How to Make the Ghoul Paper Airplane

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A fast, long range and stealthy little flying wing, the Ghoul is a cool little paper airplane. The Ghoul has a faux intake and ventral winglets which double as skids.

This plane is a relative of the OmniDelta, but incorporates some traits of the Intruder stealth paper airplane.

TAA USAF Designation: A101-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Width and Corner Folding

First, start out by folding your paper in half along its width. Then pull the corners down to the center.

Step 3: Nose and Corner Folding

Pull the nose down to the bottom of the corner folds and then make a second set of corner folds that reach to the center.

Step 4: Making the Faux Intake

Fold your paper airplane in half along its center. Then measure 1 inch in from the trailing edge, 1 inch outboard of the center, and 1.25 inches in from the second mark. Make a line to connect the 1 inch center mark to the 1.25 inner wing mark. Then cut along this line.

Step 5: Wing and Intake Folding; Taping

Fold the wing down 1 inch above the center, (do this by folding so that the crease connects the 1 inch mark and the 1.25 inch mark). Make sure you keep the angle of incidence down to nothing by aligning the fold with the trailing edge. When you've made your folds, relax the paper to a flat layer, and tape the airfoil section down. Once this is all done, reverse and pull the intake up and over the wing.

Step 6: Winglet Folding

Fold your Ghoul up in half again, and measure 1 inch in from the wingtip along the trailing edge. Make a mark at this point. Then fold the winglet down, and make sure it is parallel by aligning it with the trailing edge. Repeat on the other side. Once done, unfold the the winglets and fuselage. The Ghoul should now appear as pictured.

Step 7: Flight

The Ghoul is a fast, long range flying wing which handles easily. Aviators with experience with the OmniDelta ( and/or the Intruder ( should be able to fly this plane with ease. Upon launch, hold the airplane by its center, under its faux intake. Then advance the Ghoul through the air at a moderate to fast pace. A very slight pitch down is required too. This airplane also has great potential for modifications, as the last two photos show.