How to Make the HyperSwift Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the HyperSwift Paper Airplane

About: I am someone who mass produces paper airplanes and am always developing new designs. I post regular updates on Twitter. Follow me there to keep up with the latest developments!

Fast, long range and simple, the HyperSwift is a very quick paper airplane. The HyperSwift is also quite durable and can easily serve as a high speed interceptor and an advanced trainer.

I designed the HyperSwift to complement the original Swift, which I felt was overly complicated due to its requirement of a paper clip, which also reduced its maneuverability and increased its wing loading. Although the two appear similar, they have little in common other than general shape and name. It was because of these few similarities though, that this plane was named after its popular predecessor.

TAA USAF Designation: F253-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper
Scissors (additional surfaces only)

Step 2: Width and Corner Folding

Start making your HyperSwift by folding it in half along its width. Then on one of the halves, fold the corner down to the half fold. Then on the same side, fold the other corner down to the half fold.

Step 3: Security Fold Preparation

Pull the paper down along the creases and then at the cross, reverse the paper overlapping to the other side over to its own side. Repeat on the other side. Once done, flatten the triangle sitting near the back out.

Step 4: Security Folding

Pull the corners of your paper in toward the center with the edge touching the security fold triangle and the crease ending at the wingtip trailing edge. Repeat on the other side. Pull the paper in between these folds outwards, folding them along the corner folds you just made. Open the corner folds and tuck these pockets of paper underneath on each side. Then fold the security fold forward and lock the corner folds.

Step 5: Wing and Winglet Folding

Fold your aircraft in half along its length as shown. Measure 0.75 inches outwards from the length fold crease and make a mark. Measure 0.75 inches inwards from the wingtip and make a mark. Fold the wings down at the mark you made previously. Align the wing's trailing edge with that of the fuselage. Then repeat on the other side. Once both wings are folded, flip the aircraft inverted and grab your wingtips. Fold them at the marks you made previously. Align the winglets trailing edges with those of the wing.

Step 6: Taping

Tape your HyperSwift at its front and back, and across the wing root at these two points too.

Step 7: Flight

The HyperSwift is a fast paper airplane that can fly very quickly. For the fastest, longest flights, launch at high speed at a neutral attitude. Additional surfaces applicable to the Swift include slats, air brakes, flaps, elevators, ailerons, elevons, and rudders. Enjoy!

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