How to Make the Justice League Javelin-7 Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the Justice League Javelin-7 Paper Airplane

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Originating from a popular superhero cartoon series of the early 2000s, "Justice League", the Javelin-7 is a very interestingly shaped little aircraft that can fly anywhere with ease. For anybody who really likes Justice League, I believe this airplane will be something they will be quite interested in.

I began designing this aircraft after I realized I had not made a replica paper airplane since my Vought Crusader, released in August. The Javelin-7 was specifically selected due to its appealing layout and design (semi-tailless with chines), which I had not made before. The success of this airplane has given me the ability to think in new directions for future paper airplanes and will, like the Crusader, likely become the basis for another airplane at some point. Also as a result of the success of this airplane, I will now likely approach real and fiction aircraft more often.

TAA USAF Designation: D183-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8 by 10.5 inch graph paper

Step 2: Begin Construction

First, begin by folding your your graph paper in half (excluding three boxes on the perforated side). Once the paper has been folded appropriately, make two marks--17 full boxes apart. Use a ruler to make a straight line with the length of 17 boxes directly up 1 row of boxes from the two marks you just made. Then make the counterweight as shown. Follow the photograph markings. Once all is marked out, cut out the fuselage.

After the fuselage is made, take another sheet of paper that is folded in half along the lines of boxes. Mark out the wing as shown.

Once the fuselage and wings have been made, mark out the vertical stabilizers.

Solid lines indicate places to cut. Dotted lines indicate fold lines. (Unless otherwise noted)

Note: 1 box = 0.25 inches

Step 3: Making the Fuselage

Start making your fuselage by cutting off the right canopy and tucking in the counterweight fold. Then fold along the dotted line 5 boxes from the rear and make a cut along the solid line 4 boxes in length. Then unfold.

Step 4: Making the Wings

Cut out your wings and then follow the solid line through their leading edges. Fold the forward chines back and then slip the wing through the cut in the fuselage. Then unfold and tape the wing to the fuselage as directed.

Step 5: Making the Vertical Stabilizers

Cut out your two vertical stabilizers. Then unfold the crease and cut along the solid line you made earlier. You now have your two vertical stabilizers. Apply the two fins to each wing's tip as shown. Then apply tape and secure the vertical stabilizers to the wingtips and fold them to align them properly.

Step 6: Flight

Now your Javelin-7 is ready to fly your team to wherever evil lurks. At launch give the airplane a relatively fast toss at no more than 20 degrees above neutral attitude. If you encounter stability problems or just want a faster airplane, apply a staple to the front as shown. Enjoy!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Low wing surface
    CG at the very front
    2 fins ( +1 fusalage )
    = fast and arrow-a-like flies huh ?