Introduction: How to Make the Letters "P" and "W" With PVC

In this instructable I will teach you how to make the letters "W" and "P" out of .5in. PVC.

6- PVC 90degree elbows
1- PVC Tee joint
1- 8in. PVC pipe
2- 7in. PVC pipe
2- 4in. PVC pipe
4- 5in. PVC pipe

Step 1: P

To begin the letter P take the 8in. PVC pipe and attach the tee joint to the top of it, so that once attached the tee joint will be branching upward and right. From the right part of the tee joint attach a piece of 5in. PVC pipe, then on the other end of the pipe attach a 90degree elbow, attach this so that it branches upward. Then, off of the 90degree elbow, attach another 5in. piece of PVC pipe. From there attach a 90degree elbow so that it branches left. From there add another 5in. PVC pipe. Then attach another 90degree elbow so that it branches downward. Then add another piece of 5in. piece of PVC pipe to connect the 90degree elbow to the tee joint. And your are done.

Step 2: W

To make the W start with a 90degree elbow. On the 90degree elbow attach two 4in. pieces of PVC. Then on opposite ends of both 4in. PVC pipes attach a 90degree elbow. Off of both 90degree elbows attach a 7in. piece of PVC pipe. And you now have a W.