Introduction: How to Make the Simple SkyOmniwing Paper Airplane

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Fast, long range and stealthy the Simple SkyOmniwing is a simple flying wing paper airplane meant to complement previous, more complex versions of the Simple Omniwing and Omniwing. Due to reductions in cutting this airplane is easier to construct than previous variants of the Simple Omnwing.

The Simple SkyOmniwing drew upon the SkyOmniwing's development for inspiration, compounded by the needs of an even simpler variant of the popular Simple Omniwing. Because of the great commonality between its basis and the new model, the Simple SkyOmniwing entered flight testing quickly, and its good performance allowed it to be found fit for publication equally quickly.

TAA USAF Designation: F258-3

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Width and Corner Folding

Start making your Simple SkyOmniwing by folding it in half along its width. Then on one of the halves, fold the corner down to the center fold. Then repeat on the other side. Once the creases have been established, unfold each. Then fold the paper folds into themselves as shown. Then fold again. Once this is finished, unfold the paper.

Step 3: Airfoil Folding and Counterweight Preparation

Begin folding your Simple SkyOmniwing's airfoils by folding the nose of the airplane back to the meeting points of the back of the corner folds. Fold the blunt tip of the crease of this fold into the center on each side as shown. Proceed to fold the paper in half along the center at this point. While folded, measure 2 inches from the trailing edge along the center crease and make a mark. Then measure 2 inches from the center crease along the trailing edge and make a mark. Then connect the marks with a diagonal line. Cut along this line and separate the triangle piece from the rest of the paper. Do not discard this triangle. Fold the wingtips to the inboard edges of the airfoils and tape the airfoils down as shown.

Step 4: Counterweight Folding

Take the piece of paper you trimmed earlier and unfold it. Fold the corners inwards on each side. Then pull them backwards and make a crease. Then pull the bottom layer backwards as shown. You should now have a smaller, denser triangle. Flip the airframe inverted and tape the counterweight to the bottom of the airframe at the leading edge. This will complete your Simple SkyOmniwing.

After this application has been made, flip your Simple SkyOmniwing over and fold the wingtips as shown.

Step 5: Flight

The Simple SkyOmniwing performs very similar to the SkyOmniwing and the Simple Omniwing paper airplanes, so anyone with prior experience with either types should have little difficulty adapting to this airplane. Like those airplanes, launch should be at moderate to high speed at a negative or neutral attitude, with the airplane being held by 3 fingers (1 over the wing, 2 beneath the wing). This type of launch will give flights the longest range and/or best speed. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, rudders, spoilers, spoilerons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, and air brakes. Enjoy!

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