How to Make the StratoCobra Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the StratoCobra Paper Airplane

About: I am someone who mass produces paper airplanes and am always developing new designs. I post regular updates on Twitter. Follow me there to keep up with the latest developments!

Sleek and long range, the StratoCobra is a refined variant of the Kingcobra paper airplane, with a strengthened structure for better performance and handling at faster launch speeds. The aircraft's configuration allows it to be launched at high speed then settle into a long, slow glide.

While the Kingcobra was originally posted in 2010 and made over a year prior to its publication on Instructables, the design has remained quite capable as a glider. After running across the Vulcan Warrior earlier in 2014, I decided it was time to begin looking into a new glider design of my own. Reviewing previous aircraft for inspiration of how I might shape the design, I ran across the Kingcobra; while old, it has remained an excellent glider paper airplane. I opted to modify the Kingcobra design to improve performance while minimizing complexity as best I could. The first prototype StratoCobra was made in early September and passed through flight testing easily; however, scheduling delayed the publication of the aircraft in favor of others.

TAA USAF Designation: F63-2

Step 1: Materials


1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper





Scissors (additional surfaces only)

Step 2: Length and Corner Folding

Fold your paper in half along its length. Then pull the corners into the center. After this is done, undo the previous folds and pull their outer edges into the crease that has been made. Then fold along the original creases to restore the original folds as shown.

Step 3: Nose and Wing Folding

Pull the tip of the nose back to the outboard tip of the corner folds, then crease. After doing this, unfold and reform the folds as pictured so that all creases are bent the same way as the original center crease. Once you have done this, pull the triangle into the center as shown. After this, fold the wings down as shown.

Step 4: Airfoil and Nose Folding

Pull the leading edges of the wings back toward the wing roots and crease. Once this has been done on both sides, unfold the folds you have made and pull their outer edges into the creases as shown. Once finished, restore the original folds. After finishing with the airfoils, pull the triangular nose fold down over the wing roots as shown. Align the trailing edge of the nose fold with the wing root and fold down as shown. Flip the airplane over and pull the overhanging edges of the triangular nose fold around the leading edges of the wings.

Step 5: Winglet Folding; Taping

Fold the wings down, and measure 2 inches from the wingtips along the leading edges and make marks. Measure 1.25 inches from the wingtip along the trailing edges. After making these marks, connect them with the creases of folds. After making the winglets, tape the nose folds where noted. This will complete your StratoCobra.

Step 6: Flight

The StratoCobra is a dart with a fairly large wing; as a result, it can be launched at both moderate and slow speeds. For short flights, launches should be made at neutral or negative attitude at slow speed. For longer range flights, launches should be made at a moderate speed at a neutral or negative attitude. Additional applicable surfaces include trimmable rudders, elevators, ailerons and elevons. Enjoy!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Copy the link to download the letter-sized pattern.Can you prepare your own version of a letter-sized pattern,please? Because I was confused whether I have to cut the lines or not,because If you look at the pattern from the bottom,there's the line with the scissors icon and I know that I have to cut it,but the other one also has a line but doesn't have the scissor icon on it.And I said,Dang! Do I have to cut it or no? Man,this is so confusing! If you can make it simple and print your pattern and cut the lines and turn the A4 paper into a precise letter-sized paper,then I'M READY to make all of your designs by using your letter sized paper pattern that I asked for!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Paper Artland is a friend of mine and we have spoken recently. I will talk with him about his template and perhaps he could explain the meaning of the second line.

    As for making a template of my own, I am not sure. I will have to look into how to make such a template. In addition, I am unfamiliar with A4 paper as I've only had access to US letter paper myself. I am glad to see my designs are bringing happiness; I will be working to find a solution to this. :)



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Heh,of course it's Paper Artland's template! I also know him,but I can't
    talk to him because I am not a Youtuber and I lived far away from your
    country.I also downloaded his video tutorial using YTD Video Downloader
    to make his designs. And I didn't know that both of you are
    friends,that's a good thing :) Anyway,if you can make the pattern,that
    would be appreciated.If you can't make it,it's okay.At least Paper
    Artland already explained about the second line of his template.How old
    you actually?I'm will become 12 in 2015(almost coming).I signed up
    recently so that I can comment even that I can't download because that
    is a PRO feature and I have to use Basic only. My parents won't allow me
    to do something that must be paid and they won't use their credit cards
    because they are scared that their credit cards will be hacked and I
    don't want that to happen.Anyway,I'll be waiting!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Paper Artland and I each like to see our designs generate happiness.

    As for being unable to download PDF files, I may have a solution for that. I will send you a PM here to explain. :)



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    All replied! And I'm READY to make ALL of your designs! I have prepared my 100 Sheets of paper to turn them into letter sized paper(not all of them)and I have my tools prepared to fine tune the designs and one thing,since I'm a little bit familiar about JPEG files and print the pattern,I chosen the full page photo and I suppose to tick the part that says,"Fit picture to frame",right?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I will never forget you OrigamiAirEnforcer! Even that I won't make any paper planes and forgotten,I will never forget you and your designs from your collections until the day I die.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey OrigamiAirEnforcer,can you prepare a
    pattern of a letter sized paper? And upload the pattern to somewhere
    else.E.G,Dropbox,Google Drive and others.I mean,in my country,we don't
    sell US letter sized paper and I live in Kota Marudu,Sabah,Malaysia and
    we only use A4 sized paper.I know all of your designs are mostly made
    from letter sized paper and I won't use A4 paper.I've been making your
    designs in 2013,but in 2014,It's been 9 months I didn't make any paper
    planes and I feel like I lose interest about paper planes so I stop
    making them.Because of that,I'm afraid that I will become distracted and
    obsessed into paper planes and I'm a student,of course!

    But some
    are unforgettable and some are forgotten.Now in my country,2015 is
    almost coming! And of course,I play KSP,It is a great game and you
    should try the game,but you will need a good computer,as KSP is not an
    lightweight game and you can play the game.And if your computer is an
    Intel I7,well,DAMN IT AND I AM JEALOUS! I have a bad computer,but I3 is
    okay.Also,you can put mods and it is simple than Minecraft! Anyway,I
    will only download your pictures then I will edit it in Microsoft Office
    and the others if I can.Then I will print and attach all of them into a
    Book filled with a picture of your designs if I can! By the way,here's
    an example of a pattern of a letter sized paper.

    words that I'm talking are not mine and other times,I will CENSORE my
    bad words and don't credit me,credit them who developed KSP.Anyway,keep
    up the good work!