Introduction: How to Make Your Mom's Emachine Run REAL Games

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Ok so you have Your mom's old PC from '03 or '04 but it can't run games now sure it can run WoW but almost any machine can, BUT YOU WANT TO PLAY CRYSIS, too bad you won't learn how to make your machine run crysis here.

Step 1: The Stuff

You'll notice i recycle pictures =/

A computer
A GFX card that is compatible to you mother board Graphic Cards
Proper power for the card (internal power supply) if needed
Common Sense
Screwdriver Philips

Step 2: Install It

Take out the expansion case plate thingy, there is a screw holding it in.

Step 3: Stick It In

Get the chip and stick it in the right (correct) slot

Step 4: Done!

Now its in and ready to have drivers installed for it! and to check to see if a game can be ran on your machine visit this website choose the game and it will run on your machine and tell you y/n

My PC may Suck PLS tell me