Introduction: How to Make Your Own Aquarium Filters Cheap

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I will show you how to make aquarium filters cheap by using these items:

(1) Iron _Set on Medium Heat_NO_STEAM
(2) Quilt Batting Poly Fil Extra Loft (bought @ Hobby Lobby W/40% Off Coupon $10)
(3) Roll of HeatNBond UltraHold Iron On Adhesive- (Walmart for about $5 a roll of 7/8" x 10 yards)
(4) Aquarium Filter Frame that came with your filters mine is from the Lg. Whisper Filters
(5) Aqua_Tech Activated Carbon 9oz (Walmart- $6.40 w/tax)

You take the quilt batting and cut enough to cover up your Cart Frame, then you cut enough HeatNBond Tape 
to cover the bottom and 1 side to get this you fold your batting over the Cart Frame Once this will give you
a opening on the bottom and one side ( with mine its the left side-Right Handed) then you place your iron
which is on Medium Heat with NO STEAM and gently touch the tape this will adhere it enough to hold
until you flip it over to iron the other side when you've flipped it over now you can put some pressure (doesn't take much)
onto the tape Jus Repeat this process for the bottom and 
next you want to put your Cart Frame (not the one your using as a Template) the one your going 
to use in the filter itself and now just add about 5 teaspoons of Carbon ( I measured the package that came with the filters new)
and clip the top and your ready to rinse and use.. If you want to store your home-made Cart's just place them into 
a zip bag so dust and or chemicals can't get on them 

I hope this saves you a lot of $ as it has me .. any questions feel free to contact me

Enough time to make about 5 -10 Filter Cart's

It takes me about 45 minutes to make about 20 Filter Cart's
This is what Walmart charges for a 8 count Package of Large Whisper Filters: 
Tetra Whisper Large Filter Cartridges, 8ct

Your Cost will depend on how much you pay for each and every item of course...