Introduction: How to Make Your Own Clap Board

You Will Need:
A small White Board - I got mine from Dollarama
A styrofoam board - Also from Dollarama
A pencil & eraser - just incase
a black marker & white board marker
A ruler or tape measurer
An ezaptoknife
3 small screws
And a glue gun .

Step 1:

To begin you need to get the white board sheet out of the plastic, I did this by simply opening the back of the white board.
The white board measurements of mine was around 10 1/2" x 7 3/4"

Step 2:

Now you place the styrofoam board on a work table (if your using a table you don't want to get scratched place a piece of cardboard down), and place down the white board leaving at least a 1" border around the white board.
Cut it out.

Step 3:

Now you need to cut out the top part, which is the same length as the other piece but I made mine 2" in height instead of 1" . Round off one of the courners on this piece.

Step 4:

Now you want to cut out two triangular pieces. (height: 1 1/2" & along the bottom: 1 3/4")  Mark 3 spots using your pencil on the triangle like shown. Then use the screws to puncture the holes (you may use a screw driver if you would like) , line up the other triangle with the one with the screws and also puncture the holes through that one.
using the one triangle line up with the clap board and the other clapboard piece ( rounded off edge being connected to clap board), connect the two pieces together. then add the other triangle on the other side.
Use the glue gun to glue the screws on the back so they don't slide out . (make sure you can still move the clapboard piece though.)

Step 5:

The next part is kind of hard to see, but starting in the bottom right corner of the clap board piece put a tick and then measure 1 1/2"  and put a mark, and continue til you reach the other side.  then start measuring 1 1/2" out and continue on the top of the piece (your first tick should not be in the corner on the top).
Repeat the step on the clap board itself. Except instead of putting a tick in the bottom right corner on this piece you put a tick in the top right corner of this piece, but still continue measuring out 1 1/2" and mark it. ( The first tick should not be in the corner of the bottom on the actually clap board. )
Next using a ruler connect the lines. Color every other one using the marker. like shown .
As you can see the points meet up like an arrow .

Step 6:

And lastly, you use your white board marker (or if you prefer to use a permanent marker so it lasts you may do so) to add the catagories or be totally creative and organize it whatever way you would like.
Enjoy.  :)