Introduction: How to Make Your Own Hookah With a Fruit


As you may know some people don’t enjoy smoking hookah in a hookah places, for many personal reason. Some of those reasons can be, because it’s too expensive for the most part. However, here is a solution for those people who are interested in making their own hookah. This way is not just simple, inexpensive, but easy to make. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a long time to anyone can make it anytime and anywhere. I will take about 4 to 5 minutes to do my own hookah, and I will guide you thru those easy steps.

To continue all you need is an orange (or any kind of fruit), a knife, 2 straws, toothpicks, foil, a cup and water.

Step 1: ​Cut the Orange From the Top

Be careful when using the knife.

Step 2: ​Clear the Orange From the Inside.

Also be careful when using the knife.

Step 3: ​Make a Hole in the Middle of the Orange.

Using the knife make a hole in the middle of the orange, from the inside or the outside of it.

Step 4: Make a Hole in the Side of the Orange.

Do the same thing in step 3 but in this one you make the hole from the outside.

Step 5: Put the Straws in the Holes.

The first one goes in the middle. The second goes on the side and through the orange.

Step 6: Fill Up the Orange With the Tobacco.

Step 7: Fill Up the Cup With Water.

fill the cup to the quarter or the half as long as the water doesn’t go inside the orange.

Step 8: Put the Orange on the Cup.

Step 9: Cut the Foil in a Square Shape.

Step 10: Wrap the Foil on the Orange.

Step 11: Make Holes in the Middle of the Foil.

Step 12: Put the Toothpicks on the Sides of the Orange to Hold the Foil.

Step 13: Light Up the Charcoal.

Using the stove or a lighter (depends on the kind of charcoals you have).

Step 14: Put the Charcoal on the Foil and Wait for a Minute Then Smoke.

Here you go, enjoy your own made hookah with a fruit.