Introduction: How to Make Your Own Shirt Design

This is the show you how to quickly and easily make a design for a shirt...

Step 1: Materials

- Shirt
- Acrylic Paint
-paint brushed
- white chalk
- reference photo (if needed)

Step 2: Drawing It

Once you know what you want to put on your shirt, get your white chalk and draw it out lightly on your T-shirt then, outline it with a fabric marker and add details if you wish.


The reason I used Acrylic paint for this instead of Fabric paint is because oddly fabric paint barely works on fabric or anything for that matter. Anyway, fill in the details with the paint then move on to filling in the rest

Step 4: Touch Up

Now that you've done that, the best thing to do is to touch up the outline(if you have one) and the paint

Step 5: Love Your Shirt...forever

HORRAY! You've finished your thing!