Introduction: Make Your Own Sponge Hooks for Catfishing With Dip Baits

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Dip baits are a popular type of catfish bait for fishing for channel catfish and can be very effective for catching really good numbers of channel catfish. The down side of dip boats is that they require sponge hook, dip worm or dip tube for  keeping the baits on the hook (often referred to as "catfish lures").

With fish swallowing hooks, getting hung up in timber and breaking off (losing tackle) and everything else that happens when you are fishing that causes you to lose gear, this can get expensive really quickly. Often times sponge hooks or dip worms can cost as much as a dollar a piece and sponge hooks can run anywhere from two dollars or more for a package of just a few.

I have discovered a way to make your own sponge hooks for catfishing with dip baits and sponge baits that will save you a ton of money and the best part is they work better than anything you can buy or find at a store. They involve a sponge that you might not have ever heard about but you can get them many places and if not can certainly buy them online.

This video contains step by step instructions on how to make your own sponge hooks for catfishing.