Introduction: How to Make Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and Put Them on Real Cards

***UPDATE***Hi its drmjj55. You may know I have another Yu-Gi-Oh Card instruct, but this is my newly revised version.

Step 1: Google Images

1st you have to go to Google Images and find the image your looking for. Once you find it, save it and go to the next step.

Step 2: The Site

Next you need to go to and enter some information.(See Pictures) When you are done, print on A4 Paper at 66%.

Step 3: Tape,Tape and an Old Card

I can't give you good pictures but I can't give you pictures at all. I don't own a camera. But all you have to do is cut out the card from the paper and tape or glue the card to the old card.

Step 4: Yu-Gi-Oh It Up

Now I don't know how Yu-Gi-Oh NERDS do it but make a deck and "battle."

Step 5: Let Me See Your Cards

When You are done put your cards into a comment and if I think its good enogh i'll post it.