Introduction: How to Make Yyveltal Out of Polymer Clay

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Hi everyone! Yesterday I uploaded an instructable of how to make Xerneas from Pokemon X so I wanted to make another one showing you how to make Yveltal from Pokemon Y. I hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project, you will need the following materials:
-Wire for the armature
-Super Sculpey(you can use pre colored clay if you want)
-A visual reference of Yveltal

Step 2: The Armature

Take a long piece of wire and bend it in half. Take another piece of wire as long as the first one and intersect them to form a cross. Once you have the cross, twist the wires to lock them into place. Next, get a small piece of wire and wrap it around the middle wire which is meant for the body. The wire you are adding is the one meant for the legs. Once you are done, continue twisting the wires to lock them in place. If you find that the wires still move after twisting them, simply put clay on the joints and bake it.

Step 3: Filling Out the Armature

For this step, the visual reference is very important. First make the abdomen and pinch out the sides to make them a bit sharp as Yveltal has sharp sides throughout his body. Then make the head and neck. It has a sharp nose so sharpen that out and blend the neck into the chest. If It looks like the chest is a bit flat then just add on to it and even it out. Once that is cleared out, make the wings and tail. The part that I love about Yveltal is that his tail is basically another wing just at the bottom of his body. Finally, add the legs and it is set to go.

Step 4: The Collar

One defining characteristic of Yveltal is a grey fur collar around his neck. For this, make a long piece of clay. It should be able to wrap around its neck and come together at its chest. After you get it to the right length, take another piece of clay and shape it to look like long flowing hair. Once you are done, blend it on to the collar and wrap it around its neck. Feel free to give it any extra details afterwards.

Step 5: The Horns

When making the horns, I came into the problem that in the artwork, the parts that connect the horn to the head are very thin so I cut a small piece of wire to reinforce it. Once it was made, I simply stuck the horn into the head. Once that is done, add a small piece of clay behind the horn like in the photo.

Step 6: The Talons

To make the talons, simply take a piece of clay and make the letter Y then simply sharpen each end of the Y, Once that is done, blend them on to the legs.

Step 7: The Claws

FInally we can add detail to the wings. Both wings have three feathers at the base of the wings that point downward. To do this simply make three small triangles and blend them into the wing. That was the easy part, now comes the claws. Yveltal's arms and tail all have 5 claws on them. Two of them simply point outward while the other three are curved. Making these was fairly simple but tedious. Once you are done making all the claws you need, blend them on to the wings and tail.

When this is all done there is nothing more to do but send it on a trip into the oven!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Step 8: Painting Your New Yveltal

Now it is up to you on how you want to paint your Yveltal. Have fun with it and be as creative with it as you want.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will make sure to get to them as soon as I can :)

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