Introduction: How To: Make a Felt Chicken

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What is Made is This Video?
A unique and fashionable chicken plush or decoration is made step by step with an easily paused instructional walk-through. Using various colors of felt of your choice, this howto used red, black, brown and orange with corresponding colors as thread for a traditionally styled chicken.

What's Your Check List of Items Needed? (all listed were used in this howto)
☐ 1 piece of paper (optional)
☐ 1 marker (optional)
☐ 1 thimble (optional)
☐ Scissors
☐ 1 needle
☐ Stuffing or cotton balls (any plushy alternative will work)
☐ 4 different colored felts, for a standard chicken: brown, orange, red and black
☐ 4 matching thread colors for your choice of felt -or- a transparent thread. 
☐ Work space (preferably cleared with good lighting)

Did You Know?
This chicken plan was made from scratch? (Yes, that's a pun.) With some basic ingenuity and crafting skills the simple pattern was designed once before and remade for your entertainment and how-tuition.

Where Was this Howto Made?
To make this project, a cleared desk space with upper lighting was used. In particular it was made five feet from my sleeping area known as a bed.

What can be learned from this Howto?
By making this howto, one can pickup on the basics of plushy craft-making with the simple "three piece" body and five accessories. I personally learned how to focus the actual visual part of howto crafting.

What is the Most Difficult Part of this Howto?
The hardest part by far, is learning how three felt pieces fit into each other. With my concept of a tear drop falling into place, when you have the main part of your chicken sewn together this concept is a bit more easily understood on the visual part.

What Should You Do Differently Than the Howto Video?
Try adding some wacky colors and patterns. Experimenting with your artistic philosophy is an awesome adventure. This howto offers a great way to encourage your inner creativity. Don't forget you can always vary the size of your chicken and the fabric choice, the possibilities are endless.

Have Questions/Comments/Results?
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Make-to-Learn Youth Contest Details:

What did you make?
I made a howto video on making a stuffed chicken plush. It works as a being a cute decoration for any household, as a gift, toy and/or for whatever the maker chooses. I used felt as my fabric with various colors including red, brown, orange and black with matching threads. For the actual making of my chicken, I used the following tools: a needle, a thimble, stuffing, scissors, a paper and a marker.

How Did you make it?
To make this instructable, I used my camera to capture how I made it, the very idea came from owning my own chickens. One day I decided to make a chicken plushie because it would be an adorable decoration in my room, so I proceeded forward. I worked alone to make this project and as I made it, my plans stayed the same just as before but I had changed the basic color to add variety. As for new ideas, I started to encourage many variations of my basic chicken plush idea, such as materials used, size and colors.

Where did you make it?
I made this project in my room, on my desk, in a nice well lit area. This project allowed me to have more interior decorating for my room, to offer my ideas to the world and to entertain my fellow youtubers/craft makers. As a youtuber (making/watching/editing videos in my free time for entertainment) myself, I enjoyed adding variety to my channel because I usually just tell funny jokes, puns and pickup lines. 

What did you learn?
The biggest challenge for me in the video would have to be the editing and choosing the music from my music guy Kevin, who offers so many choices. My biggest surprise would have to be how much I like my final results. I think that the video and the chicken plush turned out great. I'm most proud of my editing skills because I was able to keep the video nice and short right around 7 minutes and do a good job showing how to make the project all in one. If I did this project over again, there's not much I would change. Other than the colors, textures and patterns I would just add them for variety, maybe some glitter though.

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