Introduction: How to Make a GMD (Gun Mounted Display) Work in Progress

How To Make a GMD (Gun Mounted Display)
This was inspired by the instructable DIY VR and recently the VR GUN

It's been 18 yrs since "The Lawnmower Man" was released. Sadly TRUE Virtual Reality never went mainstream.

Seeing the VR Game Gun video, I saw for the first time IMHO a viable VR system. This is my take on the VR Game Gun.

An Airsoft gun was my first choice for this build. The gun used is a Crossman Stinger R34 (M16 replica). The kit came with 2 clips, and reflex sight, it cost around $40 dollars. As with the other builds, a Gyration mouse was used for motion tracking. Instead of using the Gyration keyboard, an Xbox 360 wireless controller provided the rest of the input needs.

Force feedback was also a consideration. Luckily both XBOX 360 rumble motors fit into the handle. A solenoid from a sprinkler valve gives a satisfying report when the trigger is pulled.

Update: Uploaded test video in Vimeo and

The clak-clak sound you hear in the video is the solenoid activating. Camera is duct taped to the left side of my head, so very bad camera angle. I'll find a wide angle adapter for my camera for the next video.

Keep an eye out, full instructable to follow in the next few days.