Introduction: How To.. Make a Magic Ping Pong Table

This is how we made our first magic ping pong table! It's a boardroom table that can easily be turned into a ping pong table! We hope you enjoy!

Step 1: ​First You Need Your Legs and Base! We Have Used Pine for Ours But Its Really a Matter of Personal Taste

Step 2: Then, Your Table Top! We Have Used Redwood Ply

Step 3: Collect Your Tools and Materials..And We Can Begin!

Step 4: First, We Made the Base..Using a Saw and Chisel, We Created a Tenon and Mortise Joint to Connect the Legs to the Base of the Table..

Step 5: To Ensure the Fit, We Did a Dry Run

Step 6: Once We Were Happy With It, We Glued It in Place and Clamped It Together

Step 7: We Wanted Our Table to Be Moved Easily, But to Also Be Secure When in Place.. So We Added Castors

Step 8: As the Table Top Needs to Rotate, We Added a Support Beam in One Corner, Where There Would Be a Lot of Pressure on the Base..

Step 9: We Also Added 2 Beams of Pine to Support the Table Top. This Is Also Where We Will Later Place the Spinning Mechanism..

Step 10: We Used a 'Lazy Susan' to Make Our Top Spin.. This Meant, a Lot of Measuring to Ensure a Precise Fit!

Step 11: We Used a Spare Piece of Ply to Test Out Our Placement..Tested, and Made a Few Adjustments..

Step 12: Then, When We Were Sure It Was Right, We Tested It Out!

Step 13: Now for the Real Thing! We Cut Two Pieces of Our Lovely Ply..

Step 14: We Added Self Supporting Table Hinges, to Keep Them Together and Create Our Double Sides

Step 15: We Stained the Legs..

Step 16: And on the Top, a Ping Pong Stripe!

Step 17: We Added a White Wash.. and We Are Almost Done!

Step 18: This Is Our Finished Product in Action!

Step 19: And There You Have It! a Board Room Table That Turns Into a Ping Pong Table!

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