Introduction: How to Make a Monster!

Step 1: Get a Few Colors of Clay

Making a monster starts with the head.
We used oven bake polymer clay but you can use any kind of clay.
First things first, roll it into a little ball. The head can be as big as you
want as long as you leave some clay for the rest of the body

Step 2: This Is What Mine Looks Like.

Step 3: Make Another Ball and Put the Two Together Like This.

Step 4: Roll Two Small Pieces Into Sausage Shapes Like This.

Step 5: This Is What the Assembled Head, Body and Arms Looks Like.

Step 6: Take a Tiny Peice and Make a Tail. Then Put the Tail on the Back Like This

Step 7: This Is What It Looks Like From the Back.

Step 8: Make Two Little Balls and Then Flatten Them Into Little Disks.

Step 9: Stick Them to the Bottom Like This.

Step 10: Now the Monster Has Feet!

Step 11: Use a Popsicle Stick or a Pencil to Carve Out a Little Mouth.

Step 12: Make Some Small Rice Shaped Pieces in a DifeRent Color From the Body.

Step 13: Stick the Pieces on Down the Monsters Back.

Step 14: Make Two Little Balls in Another Color for the Eyes.

Step 15: You Can Make a Tongue.

Step 16: I Made Some Teeth.

Step 17: You Make the Nose the Same Way As the Eyes But With the Same Color Used for the Body.

Step 18: Our Monster Is Done. These Are My New Friends!

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