How To: Make a Pom Pom Pokemon (Venonat)

Introduction: How To: Make a Pom Pom Pokemon (Venonat)

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What is Made is This Video?

A unique and fashionable pom pom Pokemon craft or decoration is made step by step with an easily paused instructional walk-through. Using just a few colors of felt, a pom pom, floral wire and glue, you can create a Venonat, too!

What's Your Check List of Items Needed? (all listed were used in this howto)

☐ 1 piece of paper (optional)

☐ Printer (optional)

☐ Scissors

☐ 1 Purple pompom

☐ 4 different colored felts, for a standard colored Venonat: Pink, Purple, Tan & White

→ → → For a shiny Venonat: swap Pink felt for Blue felt

☐ 1 Low heat glue gun/stick

☐ Work space (preferably cleared with good lighting)

Did You Know?

Venonat is a Bug and Poison type Pokemon. This craft is easily remade or repaired if ever lost or broken. With some basic ingenuity and crafting skills, this beginner level pokepom was designed once before and remade for your entertainment and how-to-ition (how-to-tuition).

Where Was this Howto Made?

To make this project, a cleared floor space with natural lighting was used. In particular, it was made about eight feet from my dining area known as a kitchen.

What can be learned from this Howto?

By making this howto, one can pickup some skills on the basics of pom pom craft-making with a simple pom pom body, 9 felt accessories and 2 floral wire snipids.

What is the Most Difficult Part of this Howto?

The hardest part by far, is keeping everything very small. The eyes need to remain rather large in proportion. You should avoid a high heat glue gun when working with such small projects.

What Should You Do Differently Than the Howto Video?

Try making a shiny Venonat with blue eyes. Experimenting with your artistic philosophy is an awesome adventure. This howto offers a great way to encourage your inner creativity. Don't forget you can always vary the size of your pom pom or invent a new creature all together!

Have Questions/Comments/Results? Post below.

:D I'd be thrilled to see your results.

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