How To: Make an Ant Trap (From a Soft Drink & Baking Soda)

Introduction: How To: Make an Ant Trap (From a Soft Drink & Baking Soda)

This is a simple tutorial on how to make an ant trap for sugar ants out of a soft drink and some baking soda.

Sugar ants will come to eat the sugar in the bait and also bring it back home to their friends...Since they can't tell the baking soda is there they end up ingesting that as well.

The stomachs of ants contain formic acid and when baking soda mixes with this it causes gases to form, which will kill them and most of the others at their home base.

Step 1: Prepare the Mix

1- Get your choice of soft drink and baking soda

2- Mix 1 tbsp baking soda for every 2 tbsp of soft drink

3- Stir until completely dissolved

(If you don't have any soft drinks around you can make sugar-water-> Instructions in above video)

Step 2: Set Out the Bait

1- Put the bait in small dishes near cracks in the floor or wall or wherever they are coming from

2- Wait until ants are no longer coming to/from the dish

3- Clean pheromone (scent) trails left behind by ants using vinegar, so they don't return

Step 3: Prevent Future Ant Problems

1- Take the garbage out as often as possible - especially organics and sugary foods

2- Get a closed garbage can and strong garbage bags so nothing comes out or leaks, drawing ants in for a feast

3- Keep your kitchen, bedroom, garage clean and free of waste and food that may look tasty to animals and/or ants

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