Introduction: How to Never Pay for Music

In this instructable, learn how you never will have to pay for music... and yet there is no spyware and no viruses. A basic knowlege of computer and internet workings is required for this article.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following materials:
Audiacity editor: (link)

A working highspeed-like internet connection. If you don't have one, try AT&T Yahoo. (link)

In addition you will need a sound card that can record Stereo Mix or a double miniplug cable.

Once you have all the supplies EXCEPT the double miniplug cable, proceed to the next step to determine if you will need the cable.

Step 2: Determine If You Need a Double Miniplug Cable

This is a really simple step. Open Audacity and open the little menu highlighted in the picture. If you see Line Out, Stereo Out, or Stereo Mix, you do not need the Double Miniplug Cable.
Otherwise, head to Best Buy, CompUSA, or 'the Shack' (RadioShack).

Step 3: Plug in the Cable

(skip this step if you do not need a cable)

Now you need to plug in your cable. Plug one end into your microphone in port and the other into your headphones out port.

Step 4: Get Some Free Music

You may be wondering, where will all this music come from? Open a new browser window and type in Click the red-boxed link. "Not Ready to Get Napster? Click Here". This will take you to the page of any free music you like. But don't listen to anything quite yet. We want to record it so you can keep it past the three plays-per-song limit.

Step 5: Disclaimer

I am not responsible for any legal issues you get into by sharing this music illegally.
By continuing to step 6 you indemnify me from any and all legal issues you get into by sharing this music. If you don't agree, click here.

Step 6: Ready and Record

Your cable should be in. You have agreed to my disclaimer. You are on the Napster site.
Find the free music you want. Start Audacity recording on Stereo Mix/Out or Line Out, or Microphone if you use a cable, then play your music. If you use a cable you will not hear anything. Audacity will be recording. Then when the song finishes, stop recording. Export as a WAV file. Now you have music. Absolutely free. Proceed to suck every single song down from Who needs $8.95 per month?

Step 7: Alternative Method

Get some P2P software, bundled with a couple quarts of spyware and a bottle of viruses. Then sift through have a dozen fake songs to find the real one. Have fun.

Step 8: Conclusion

I've just shown you how to get almost every single song in the world for free. Tell your friends. Comment.