Introduction: How to Open a Beer Bottle With a Seatbelt

When traveling abroad I'm not always able to bring my trusty pocket knife. Such was the case on a recent trip to Central America. Some quick thinking allowed me to open and enjoy a cold one after an incredible rafting adventure. I felt MacGyver (ish) and impressed the heck out of my mate. Come to think of it, I believe it was her idea. Oh well, I'm the one who opened it. The video explains it all. If anything, this Instructable you give you an idea of how to kill some time and make a fun video to help the advancement of mankind.
Places on a vehicle that you can use to open a bottle.
1. Seatbelt - as shown.
2. Hubcap - there usually places that will pop the cap off. Every hubcap is different and provide a challange.
3. Bumper - check here too.
4. Disposable Lighter - use the bottom to pop some caps.
5. there are tons of places, actually. Make a drinking game out of it.

I used an iPhone and the iMovie app to create the vid. A great way to spend time on the tour bus.

My first attempt at opening the bottle was not successful. I was trying to use the part that locks into the belt, as you can see in the first half of video. I then used the back of the device and found a perfect way to open the top of the bottle.The video illustrates this technique well.

Step 1: How It Works

The first photo shows my first attempt, which didn't work.
The second photo shows that I was able to open the bottle using the underside of the buckle.
It only took seconds to figure this out. Be creative and enjoy. Cheers!

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