How To: Origami Penguin

Introduction: How To: Origami Penguin

Learn how to create an origami penguin with a piece of 5x5 inch paper!

This project is for everyone with working hands! The materials are cheap, the project is easy to make, and the process makes for a fun time. Those experienced in origami may prefer written instruction, through the provided step-by-step, while others may find the video tutorial most helpful.

Materials (standard):

  • 1 square piece of 5x5 inch black and white origami paper
  • 1 set of stick-on googly eyes

Materials (optional):

  • Construction paper (optional)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Note: Participants may be susceptible to receiving paper cuts. Beware!

Step 1: Corner to Corner (Right Side)

  • Grab the top right corner of the squared piece of paper and fold it to the bottom left corner.
  • It should look like a triangular paper football. Unfold to original state.

    Step 2: Corner to Corner (Left Side)

    • Do the same for the top left corner, and fold it down to the bottom right.
    • Unfold to original state.
    • The creases of the unfolded square piece of paper should resemble an “x,” forming four small triangles.

    Step 3: Wing Detail (Right Side)

    • Turn the square piece of paper so that it is a diamond.
    • A corner should point toward you.
    • The white side should still be facing up.

    Step 4: Wing Detail (Left Side)

    • Take the right corner and fold into center of paper.
    • The point of the corner will meet the perpendicular crease formed by the previous folds.
    • Continue by taking the same point and folding it back over itself so that it touches the edge of the prior fold.

    Step 5: Far-Crease Fold (Right Side)

    • Do the same for the left corner of the diamond.

    Step 6: Far-Crease Fold (Left Side)

    • Unfold all folds so that just a white diamond remains.
    • Two vertical creases will intersect the primary horizontal crease on the left and right side corners.

    Step 7: Wing Fold (Right Side)

    • Take left corner of diamond and fold it to outermost vertical crease on the right side.
    • Unfold back to a diamond.

    Step 8: Wing Fold (Left Side)

    • Do the same for the right corner.
    • Unfold. An additional crease is added on each side of the vertical center crease line.

    Step 9: Tail Fold

    • Take right corner of the diamond and fold roughly ¾ of the way down the diamond so that its side runs along the vertical line just right of the “center line” crease.
    • The fold will be in the shape of a larger triangle. The excess space beneath it, on the bottom right, should form a smaller triangle.

    Step 10: "Airplane" Fold

    • Do the same for the left side.
    • The folds will make wings and should make the paper look like a spacecraft.

    Step 11: Head Fold

    • The “airplane” is positioned so that the narrow-most end is facing upward. The open side of the “airplane” should be facing to the right.

    • Take the narrow-most end of the paper and fold it slightly down and to the left (roughly ⅓ of the way down the paper). The tip should extend out to the left, looking like a head. Unfold the head back to a shape of a spacecraft.

    Step 12: "Hood" Fold

    • Flip the paper so that the white side is facing up with its black wings.
    • Fold “spacecraft” as if to make it into an “airplane” again but this time fold the head ⅓ of an inch, over the other folds and edges like the hood of a coat.

    Step 13: Beak Fold (Part 1)

    • Unfold back to the shape of a “spacecraft”, with the white side of the paper should be showing with its black wings facing upward.
    • Take the tip of the head and fold it down to the bottom of the diagonal creases created from the folding over of the hood.

    Step 14: Beak Fold (Part 2)

    • Take the tip once more and fold back over itself so that roughly ¼ of an inch remains between the crease of the fold and the edge of the prior fold.
    • Push the beak in slightly, refold the paper into the shape of an “airplane,” and fold the head over the body like a hood once more

    Step 15: Googly Eyes

    • Add googly eyes to your penguin so that he can see how well you folded him.

    Step 16: Enjoy Your Penguin!

    Step 17: Check Out the Video Tutorial!

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