Introduction: How to Overcome a Phobia

We all have phobias right? Whether it's the dark, monsters, public places, or going to the doctor! But, we do not realize that we also have the tools to fix them!

Step 1: The Climax

What if it's painful? What if I am asked extremely personal questions? What if they examen my personal body? These are questions I asked before going to the doctor, now I am here to help us both understand how to overcome our problems

Emotions, past experiences and dislike all play into our psyche taking things to an extreme

For example: when I was a child I had a nurse who stabbed about 5 shots into my leg, I also felt uncomfterable around doctors! Believe it or not, I used to love getting shots when I was about 5 , but then Nurse Betty came to town and rained on my parade. Did that scare and scar me? Yes. Does it matter now? No.

Everytime I would visit the doctor, I would get so hyped up about what was going to happen that I would set my self up to have an internal panic attack. But this could all be fixed.

Step 2: The Reality Check

Sometimes we expect things to be worse than they are so they actually end up, so we say

"This is going to hurt so much"

When really it's just a small pinch

I had to look at this positively

The doctors are there for me
They try to help me fix my problems
I am there to be healthy
This will help me

Instead of saying

"There are no such thing as monsters, there are no such thing as monsters"

Prove it!
Get a nightlight, read a relaxing book, then COMMIT and put your earplugs in! Nothing is going to hurt you!

Sometimes we think about scary movies or Lord of the Rings! For me LOTR was
Kinda scary, and the first few times I watched it I had a hard time sleeping. But then I realized a way to undo what my brain was trying to do.

Middle earth was thousands of years ago
Gollum was thrown into a volcano and died (spoiler alert)
All orcs were killed in the final movie
This was all filmed in New Zealand (sorry if you live there) :-)

Step 3: Resolution

Leave your fear behind and walk out the door, it has no handle over you, just what your mind makes it to be!

Focus on the positives
Do a reality check
Breathe deep and relax
And enjoy life!