How to Overcome Bullying

Introduction: How to Overcome Bullying

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There is always that someone in our lives that tends to bully us. This instructable will tell you how to overcome bullying. I was once bullied myself, but I followed these steps and overcame the problem!


Why does this person dislike you? Is it your looks? Your hobbies or interests? You need to identify why the bully is doing this.


This is important. You need to tell someone who will help you. This could include A parent, a friend, a teacher, or a guidance Counsellor. At first, telling someone might seem selfish or even too kiddish, but you need to tell someone if you want support. If you worry if the information you give someone is Going to be spread to the rest of the world, don't worry. Your parents will be trustworthy with the info, and so will your teachers. If your friend is really a friend, they won't spread it around. Guidance counsellors are not legally allowed to give away information, and will keep it confidential.


Bullying is not acceptable and the bully always has low-self esteem, which means they don't respect themselves. Once you have identified the cause and told someone about the situation, you need to stand up to the bully. Tell them in a confident tone, shoulders back,that you like yourself for who you are and that nobody can take that away from you. Look them in the eye.

Step 4: IGNORE

After you have completed the last few steps, you need to ignore the bully altogether. Whenever you see them in the hallway, walk straight past them without even looking at them. Do not talk to them. Pretend they are not there. Find yourself a group of friends, as this will give you the support of others. And remember to just be yourself always... There's nobody better! Thanks for reading! Please Leave comments!

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    7 years ago

    For me, I punched one of my bullies because the bully hit my last nerve... to end the story i got a bloody nose and we became friends. Nowadays you'll get into a lot of trouble, even though we had to go to the principal's office- I didn't get in trouble (this happen 2004ish).