Introduction: How To: PHOTOSHOP

This is a guide to PhotoShop the noses off famous people or even your friends! The possibilities are endless! Also this is for Mac. You can adapt this for PC but you have to figure out how to do that yourself. Sorry!

Step 1: Chose the PhotoShop Website

I use Pixlr Editor (It's not really for photoshop but it's free) and you can use anything else but this is for Pixlr. The link for Pixlr is Right Here

Step 2: Upload the Image

Go to a new link and find the picture you want and put it on your desktop. To do this take the image from google, click on it with your mouse and drag it to your desktop. I chose Bruce Colfer.

Step 3: Upload the Image (Part 2)

Go back to Pixlr and click open image from computer. If you clicked out of this then reload the page.

Step 4: Uploading the Image (Part 3)

You should get a little window that looks like the picture above. Go to Desktop and click on the picture that you chose.

Step 5: PhotoShoping

You should then get a screen like this. DO NOT EXIT ANY OF THE LITTLE BOXES TO THE RIGHT! You will need them later.

Step 6: PhotoShoping (Pat 2)

Use the little box labeled Navigator and zoom in on their nose (To do this use the scroll on the bottom of the box) Then use the Grab icon (My mouse is highlighting it) and center it on the nose.

Step 7: PhotoShopping (Part 3)

Use the Lasso tool to take the most skin colored part of the nose out (Just bear with me, I know I don't make any sense)

Step 8: PhotoShoping (Part 4)

Go up to Edit and click Copy then go to your face and click Outside of the lassoed area.

Step 9: PhotoShoping (Part 5)

Go back to Edit and click Paste. If you look at Layers (under Navigator) then you will see a new layer has been created.

Step 10: PhotoShop (Step 6)

Go back to Edit (I know, I know but your halfway there just bear with me) go to Free Transform and click on it and then you can transform your shape. Fix it so it mostly covers the nose.

Step 11: PhotoShop (Step 7)

Go to Layer and kick on MergeDown. If you check on the little layers box then you will find that you only have 1 layer.

Step 12: PhotoShop (Step 8)

Click the Burn Heal tool and just go crazy!

Step 13: Finished!

Zoom out with the handy Navigation tool and push (on your keyboard) command+shift+4 at the same time! This will put your finished picture on your desktop were you can do as you please with it.