Introduction: How to Paint Your Longboard/skateboard

This is an easy beginners guide on how to paint the bottom of your longboard, or skate board. The same method can be used on the trucks of your board!

Step 1: What You'll Need

-A longboard deck, preferably blank -White spray paint or color of your choice -Spray paint color of your choice -A clear coat enamel -Painting tape

Step 2: Preparation Before You Paint

-Clean off the entire deck on your board, make sure there isn't any dust that will get on your paint -Begin to tape the the side of the board and maybe even the outer side of the top to make sure no paint finds it away anywhere else beside the bottom deck

Step 3: 1st Layer

This is your first coat of paint, in the picture you can see that I used white first which will eventually become your stripes. So whatever color of stripes you want is the first coat you apply. Apply evenly until the board is evenly white. when spraying be careful not to get to close to the board or else it will create an uneven layer. It's important to make sure that this coat is DRY before moving on to the next step

Step 4: 2nd Layer and Design

-This is where your board really comes together. MAKE SURE YOUR FIRST LAYER IS 100% DRY! Now with the painters tape you can make your design, for this board I just put random strips of tape across which I thought looked pretty neat but you could also make another design such as a checkerboard -spray the 2nd layer over the board and tape. When DRY peel off tape

Step 5: The Finishing Touches!

Lastly when it's COMPLETELY DRY! Apply the clear coat of enamel evenly and be very careful when it's drying! It can easily bubble up and ruin your design, I highly suggest not to even touch the board when the enamel is drying until 5+ hours after. You may not need that long but it's what is suggest. You can now take the tape of the side of your board.

Step 6: Done!

Add your trucks and enjoy your design!