Introduction: How To- Paracord Bracelet- Multi Color

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In this instructable I will be showing how to make a multicolored bracelet with a clip. NOTE: all of the materials I show you can be bought on eBay. Also, say, mate you don't like a multicolored bracelet. If you want a solid color, then get 10 feet of a color and just do that as if it were 2 colors like my tutorial.

Step 1: Getting Materials

Things you will need: -lighter -5 feet of 2 colors of paracord each (just to be safe) -scissors -tape measurer -1 clip

Step 2: Getting Ready

Now we want to melt the edges of the Pcord. When this is completed, melt them together like in my pic. Try to melt them so they are strong and will not snap apart.

Step 3: Starting

Now do exactly as I do in the pics because I will not be explaining all of it. FIRST, take the end of your paracord and put it UNDER the clip NOT over. Next pull it through farther. Now bend it back over the clip. Pull the loop to finish that not.

Step 4: Measuring

Next put the other ends inthrough the BOTTOM of the other piece o the clip. Make sure the 2 strings are not twisted and that the two halves of the clip are facing the same directions like so in the 2nd pic. Now comes the measuring. Pay attention to the 3rd and 4th pic while doing so. Take your premature bracelet (not done yet) and clip it around your wrist. Adjust it to the size you want (I highly suggest that you make it loose. Loose enough so that it slides to the midst of your fore arm. Now mark that mark that distance on your tape measurer. (PIC 3). In my case it is 8 1/2 inches.

Step 5: The Cobra Braid

Now I will teach you how to do one o the most simple paracord braids, the cobra braid. Gently pick up your bracelet, not giving anymore slack, which will ruin your bracelet, and do what I do. If you are having troubles with remembering which color to feed through the hole, then if you look at my pics you will notice that only one color goes the the whole on all pics. At the end of this step, you will have two braids done. Put your bracelet back to your measuring device. If it is not the desired length, then redo this whole process (undo the cobra braids and try not to give out any slack) others wise, thumbs up. Now keep on doing what I just showed you. Alternating with the sides is an important factor.

Step 6: Important!!!

While in the process of the cobra braid, make sure to tighten the strands for an even better bracelet than you were expecting. Do like so in the pictures. NOTE: pull EVERY SINGLE braid tight.

Step 7: Finish It!

Now that you have put as many braids in as possible and pulled every braid tight, you can finish it with this last step. So you've ended up somewhere near my pic. Now we need to cut off this end like in my pic and then melt it. Now pull the other side right and then do the same thing. And whazzam!!! You have a bracelet

Step 8: Stay Tuned!!!

Want to know how to make a triple decker bracelet? Stay tuned for more and I will reveal it soon! NOTE: I need to have 1000 views and 50 <3's to reveal this awesomeness